Tractor Brewing Set to “Grind” During ABQ Beer Week


It’s time to grind folks – not only in the name of beer, not only in the name of art, but also in the name of bands and BOARDS! Tractor Brewing Wells Park is hosting another art opening, this one happens to be planned to fall smack dab within ABQ Beer Week 2015! Thanks to Kamagraph and curator, Bobby Beals, artists from Kamagraph will be the focus of “Beer and Boards,” the art show opening on the 23rd of May. David Santiago, Frank Gonzales, A. Nigh Herndon and Chris Philpot are among the artists all represented by Kamagraph and will have their boards on display for the months of May and June as our art show on the Wells Park walls. However, that’s not all – as usual, Tractor Brewing is involving the community. Local artists: Cloudface, Sparrow, Bearface, James Montoya, Berto, and Skelly will all rock out some boards, donated by Kamagraph, and hang in the 60 day show as well.

The day of the event, not only art will happen, but so will music; Zack Freeman, Burque Sol, and The Riddims will be jammin’ – and you will be dancing. With music and artists on hand from 6pm-12am, it is sure to be a good time. You might have to park in back, or on the street, because part of the parking lot, will serve as a skate demo, again thanks to Kamagraph; professional skater, Del Curfman and crew will be showing their stuff off for the beer drinking onlookers with a game of S.K.A.T.E. with the winner winning an official Kamagraph deck! Kamagraph will also give away stickers and shirts on the hour, every hour.

The perfect marriage of sport, community, art, and beer, creating business – well, that’s just a beautiful thing that Beer Farmers at Tractor Brewing are fond of doing, and well known for in the city of Burque at this point. This blow-out event for Beer Week 2015, is along the lines of what Tractor Brewing is building itself into: a lifestyle brand – a place for everyone to fit in – artists, enthusiasts, and dare we say, families alike! The craft beer scene in Albuquerque is completely and obviously capable of being about more than just drinking, but instead, about: building community, supporting local businesses, and their ability to work together, and enjoying the fruits of one’s own neighborhood. As the addition of breweries to Burque continues to happen, Tractor is happy to be part of a scene that allows us to be our own business – authentically individual – all things craft: art, community, beer.

As Tractor continues to grow, the things they offer up continue to be more collaborative and cooperative than ever – within the 18,000 24-tap space, Tractor Brewing will host a pop-up-shop for Kamagraph artists’ work to be sold, and proceeds will at least in part, go to the 4 organizations that Tractor Brewing Company supports by way of their Beer For A Better Burque, non-profit giving program. If that isn’t enough to get you on down to the Beer Farm, it’s FREE! See you there.