Here There & Everywhere Tractor Brewing Chats About Beer Week Events


“ I’m really excited about the events we have planned for beer week. It’s all about getting people excited about our craft beer week and beyond that, the thriving brewing scene we have here in Albuquerque and New Mexico,” said Antal Maurer, of Tractor Brewing, when we talked about Beer Week recently. Antal has been a fan of, a patron of, and an employee of the brewing industry for quite some time now. He has watched Albuquerque, and Tractor Brewing in particular, grow as a product of the booming beer craze here in Burque.

Tractor Brewing Company has 14 events in 10 days of Beer Week – only Albuquerque would take a week about beer and make it 10 days long, by the way. In any event, Tractor’s heavy presence both on and off-site is largely in part to the hustle of Maurer. “For me, being able to have as many different events planned as possible that I can still give all my attention to is what it’s all about. We have a variety of events on the schedule which is meant to attract all kinds of craft beer lovers. From bowling to food pairings, there’s sure to be something for everyone,” added Maurer as we spoke.

Bowling and food pairings ah? What else? Or at least, what is most exciting? “ I’m really excited about the Beer Dinner at the First Turn Lounge at The Downs and Tupac Tuesday at the Grain Station,” he said. Tupac Tuesday will be one that Beer Farmers from near and far should mark on their calendar. The Grain Station will put our tasty libation on their taps and the rest will be $3 pint history. We don’t do this all for ourselves, or just for the beer though; we do what we do for Albuquerque at large.

“Our goal is to continue to support the community that supports us. People always have a choice. With the growth of the craft industry- we have created a monster, people who know about craft beer and expect the best quality. That keeps us working to get the best product we can to our customers, whether it be out tap room or one of our many package and draft locations,” said Maurer when talking about the day to day operation and intrinsic motivations for a business as big as Tractor Brewing.

So there you have it. Attend Beer and Bowling, or Tupac Tuesday, perhaps the Beer Dinner at the Downs, or a screening of Blood Sweat and Beer…. Dance it up at In The Mix and drink from the secret menu, or hit up Cider Day Night Fever… you can’t go wrong –


When asked who’s to blame for all these amazing options – Maurer said, “. It’s a team effort for sure, just like everything at Tractor!” Cheers team, cheers!