Beer Dinner Coming Around The Bend – First Turn Lounge and Tractor Brewing


“I tell people I graduated from the Culinary University of Hard Knocks,” said James Mccollum of the Albuquerque Downs and Casino. James is the Food and Beverage Director at The Downs, and has lived a life of working in the industry, he has over 30 years of experience – that’s why when looking for a place to hold a beer dinner, we didn’t have to look further than our friends at the Albuquerque Downs and Casino.

Beer Week is upon us, Albuquerqueians; we’re not sure if you’ve heard the news, so we are bringing you up to speed – by taking you to the “tracks” on May 28th. Tractor Brewing Company and The First Turn Lounge at the Albuquerque Downs, are teaming up to bring you one amazing dinner, with FIVE incredible courses! That’s right – a five course meal; for how much, one might ask – how much? A five course meal paired with tasty beverages from the “Beer Farm, “ will only cost you $39.99! That’s right – so don’t sleep and get your tickets now! CLICK HERE FOR TICKET INFO.

Now that we have peaked your interest, let us tell you why James was interested in bringing Tractor Brewing to the horse and pony show at The Downs. “I have been a craft beer drinker and home brewer for over twenty-three years, so when we I moved here nine years ago I hunted out the local breweries and that is when I found Tractor. Wells Park is my new  #1 Tractor spot,” said James. He added in his excitement, “this is the first year we will be hosting beer dinners at the Downs Casino and the first beer dinner on our patio. We are the new Casino at the Downs, it seems like people do not know we are here,” he added. But, it sounds like that is about to change.

With a beautiful patio for your Summer nights, and offerings like five-course meals and beer pairings… attention is sure to come the way of the good ol’ folks at the First Turn Lounge. We hope to see you around the bend on the 28th – to make your reservations, just visit the link above. Show up during Beer Week, but make sure to go back and give em’ another round, as well – see you at The Downs, we will keep the beer cold for ya’ – cheers!