Beer Week In Review – AKA – The Hangover


Hey There Beer Farmers,
First we want to say “congratulations!” You survived Beer Week! We know that many of you had to take valuable time away from other hobbies, to appropriately soak yourself in suds – the tap takeovers, the special releases, the cheese, and art, and music – oh my! It was a great time here on the Beer Farm – with 20 events, yes in a recount, we realized with 20 events in the 10 days of Beer Week, we here on the Beer Farm just have to be grateful we too survived. We had DJs, and art openings, bowling, and beer dinners and in the end we emerged hungover, but grateful and prepared to do it all over again, next year.

Some recap moments for those not able to attend all our Ale filled madness, we witnessed the Babes in Brewland take Round 2 of the Battle of the Beer Geeks, don’t fret our homebrewing friends, the challenge will return again next year, with some surprises! Dos Pendejos gave us a pre-Beer-Week party and then came back on the 27th to mess around with the Nob Hill patio crowd – our Nob Hill music is now on Wednesdays AND, Saturdays, and we are really loving that. We had Ed Mabrey a 3 time IWPS Poetry Slam Champion read at a packed house for I’LL Drink To That, and nearly recoop all the lost funds from a delayed flight and missed gig; thanks for that folks! Youngsville released “Drought City” to a packed patio, tap room, and bar top, for an incredible Friday night filled with good vibes and great tunes. We chopped up some grilled cheese and paired them with samples of our “Classics,” to what seemed like a well receiving group of cheese-heads; we are subsequently thinking of doing that little fun time more often – stay tuned for that. We bowled in the name of beer, and tipped pints for Pac – 2Pac that is. We had dinner at The Downs, and poured on the square while Reviva and Red Light Cameras made Creative 505 one of the best nights on Civic Plaza in quite some time. And now… it’s Tuesday, June 2nd, and we don’t know quite what to do with ourselves….

Do we drink water? Do we schedule play dates with friends that include things other than Pale Ales, and IPAs? Do we turn down? Turn down for what…. is the question….

To those questions we say, “No…” We don’t do anything but keep on keeping on in this #AllThingsCraft kind of approach. So – what that means, friends, is look for big events in June, July, and August – courtesy of these crazy cats behind the keys and scene at Tractor Brewing. More: art, bands, community, and celebration are all to be had with a pint in hand. We have a party for PRIDE 2015 – Rebels With  A Cause – Heroes of a Movement – as our next big shin dig! Get your tickets now – HERE.

If you’re out there, and via a Beer Week event, or anything else that has happened on either of our Beer Farms – both Nob Hill, and or Wells Park – gave you an idea for what you could do with some space and time, let us know! We are always into the idea of collaborating with community to make something beautiful! We are at your service, Albuquerque, because through your support and patronage, we continue to get bigger and better on the Beer Farm! We look forward to lending to our community for years to come, and can’t wait to hear from you.