Taking PRIDE In Being Part of a Community


Beer Farmers,

We hope you are enjoying a wonderful Tuesday – We are getting in your ears and mind early in the week, because we recently got on the grind and put together something we think is just absolutely incredible. We didn’t do it alone though, friends; this PRIDE party we are throwing at Tractor Brewing Wells Park on the 13th of June, with doors opening at 6pm and entertainment starting at 8pm, is one of the events we turn to our community for in a collaborative way – and we love it when it all comes together!

Pulling it all together alongside the usual suspects on the Beer Farm staff, are: Natalia Livingston, Tami Abts of A Good Sign, and a host of friends and Beer Farm regulars we have up our sleeve, and will have on the streets for the parade. You might not see the traditional “float,” at the PRIDE Parade, on behalf of Tractor Brewing, but if you look around, friends, we promise you will feel a presence – an invitation, and a temptation to come join the “rebels,” on the 13th! “Rebels With A Cause: Heroes of a Movement,” of course is the tag line and title of the event. We are paying homage to some of the heroes that allow for us all to exist in the same space, a safe space, and appreciate each other for a night like that of PRIDE 2015. We are tipping our hats to those that have blazed trails and come before us – as we carry a torch of: solidarity, community, acceptance, and love, into our futures as a community.

Being Rebellious along with all of us will be: DJ Dirt Girl, Mondo Vibrations, Lindy Vision, The Sugar Babies, and Black Widow Cabal, with your MC Sara Roman!!! The Rainbow Roadrunners will be supplying a car show in the lot – and a couple of food truck options including The Greek Geek will be parked for your food purchasing pleasure. Something for your ears, something for your mouth and taste buds – and for your eyes: Cloudface, Spoken, and Ashleigh Bowker will be painting LIVE. You know how the Beer Farm gets down – stimulation of all 5 senses is what we are absolutely interested and what we strive to achieve. So whatya’ say, Beer Farmers? You coming on down to Wells Park and striving to be inclusive, accepting, and rebellious all along with us? We sure do hope so!