Jeff Lujan – A Window Into The World of Tattoo Art


Hey There Beer Farmers,

We hope everyone is alive and well out there in “Albrewquerque.” We are doing well here on the Beer Farm. We decided to take a minute and focus on our a couple of things and folks that top the lists of our #Favorites category, in regards to this here blog. We are very fond of, and consider our “favorites” to be: artists, art, community, and collaboration… and those are just a few, it’s not an all inclusive list, although it is a great list to speak from, when talking about the contents of this particular blog.

We recently sat down with local tattoo artist, Jeff Lujan. Jeff is an employee at Archetype Dermigraphic, one of the shops that participates in the NM Guild of Ethical Tattooist’s: Art Fusion For A Cause, event at Tractor Wells Park each month. We wanted to know a little bit about Jeff – his art form, his process, what he feels is the role of artists in community – you catch the drift… so we started right there. We asked Mr. Lujan what he saw an artist’s role in community being.

“I feel that artists always bring a bit of fresh air into an atmosphere that is usually dank and muggy.  We can not only provide art, but inspiration, wisdom and insight, whether it be through our art itself, or us as people. As tattoo artists, there are plenty of times that a client will talk to us about personal troubles, feelings and situations. I know that they comfortably talk with us, knowing that we will not judge them, but will talk with them and give them feedback. In some cases, we don’t even have to tell them much…. just listen,” said Jeff.  We found that to be awesomely commendable. It is comforting to know that folks in the role of permanently decorating folks for a living, actually care a great deal about those that they are adorning with ink. In regards to said creations, Jeff and I talked a bit about the shop he works at: Archetype Dermigraphic Tattoo Studio and Gallery, and just what that shop strives to represent.

“We all strive to be the very best. We want to lead the industry by example. Archetype is categorized under “Shop Status” with the New Mexico Guild of Ethical Tattooists (G.E.T.), meaning each and every artist at the shop is a member of the Guild. We all promote the best ethics when it comes to running our own business. What that means for our clients is, you’re gonna get a great looking tattoo, in a clean and safe environment, from an ethical, friendly artist,” added Lujan.

Friendly artists they are, those Archetype folks – and many other tattoo artists from numerous shops around town. One shouldn’t judge a book by the cover in these instances. If you haven’t been on the Beer Farm in a while, you might not know about Art Fusion For A Cause, a tattoo artist created event that benefits non-profit organizations in need, each month. Tractor is the host venue, and is always amazed by the incredibly giving crowd that walks through the door; many of the patrons on this particular night are full of vibrantly colored, intricate pieces of body art, all over different parts of their body, and that is just what is visible to the naked and public eye – The positive energy in the room is palpable and the event always racks up a good amount of cash for a non-profit that can use it.

Jeff is a regular participant in the drawing aspect of “AFAC.” We asked him why he does it and what it means to him as a tattoo artist to give back in such a way. “It’s important for the community to understand that we are more than just bad boys (and gals) who just sit people down and tattoo them. While this is our livelihood, we also want for people to see us as good people and role models. By creating such events, like Art Fusion For a Cause, the public can see first-hand, that we are using our artistic abilities to give back to the community, non-profits and other causes,” said Jeff. We can see that. Good call, y’all. You know what else is a good call: Thinking about booking an ethical, talented, hardworking, artist like Jeff Lujan for your next tattoo appointment. Looking for something fresh and new? Jeff has you covered. We talked a bit about his style and what he has to offer when it comes to permanent pieces of art.

“I honestly don’t have a particular style. I aim to be as versatile as I can be. Most recently, I have started creating these little jar tattoos. Many people get tattoos as a remembrance or they have certain meanings, such as keepsakes. I noticed this and took it upon myself to create jars to put the keepsakes in.  So far, they have all been so much fun to create and each one is different. They mean so much to the client as well, just as a keepsake should. There are endless possibilities with these jars. I also really enjoy creating black and grey realism or semi-portraits. I’m in the process of creating a “leg sock” filled entirely with female faces. The end result is gonna be kick ass, and I can’t wait to finish it.  I love to create new school tattoos because I came from a graffiti background.  Something about the color blends and contrast, mixed with the exaggerated proportions, looks so good in a tattoo. It’s appealing and you’re guaranteed to turn some heads. But all things on the table, again, I aim to be versatile. It’s not about what I want to tattoo, it’s about what the client wants.  I want to be able to please the client as well as put my name on that tattoo when they walk out the door,” commented Lujan. That once again makes perfect and beautiful sense.

You know what else might make perfect and beautiful sense? Checking out Archetype Dermigraphic at their 5 year Anniversary Party on Saturday. They will have food trucks, a beer garden by Tractor of course, and entertainment until 10pm – best thing is, it’s FREE to get in – so head on over to 529 Adams and check out the scene on Saturday – you’ll be glad you did. You can catch one of Jeff’s latest creations, that is NOT on a body, on the wall; artists from  tattoo shops all around the city came together to compile and hang a skateboard art show for this special occasion as well – it really does sound like an event not to miss – as does Jeff sound like a tattoo artist to surely book. Cheers!