Beer For A Better Burque – Non-Profit Giving Program Approaches YEAR TWO


Has it been a year already? Nearly… That’s right folks, another year is coming down the tunnel, and Tractor Brewing Company is prepared and enthusiastic about what that means for BBB. Ever heard of BBB? It’s not just a repetition of the 2nd letter of the alphabet; no, it’s a non-profit giving program developed by one of the most creative and fun breweries in town: Tractor Brewing Company.

We all know that there are a number of organizations in need – more specifically, we all know that there are a few non-profit organizations out there that could use some monetary assistance. Tractor Brewing has witnessed this need, and made a move to make sure we can maximize our impact on the community around us. In 2014, Beer For A Better Burque was launched in an effort to deal with this reality, in a way we can measure and replicate as a business.

There are so many organizations doing fantastic work in our community.  Tractor would love to help everyone out, but that is just not possible due to the frequency and extent of requests we receive every year. We have decided that the best way to have the largest impact on our community is to partner with a limited number of organizations that then receive a larger amount of support.  To determine interest in this partnership, we use the below outlined process:

Interested organizations are asked to submit proposals in a manila envelope delivered to 1800 4th Street NW Albuquerque, NM by 5:00 pm MST Friday July 24th 2015. The application process opens officially on June 22nd, 2015 – so as you can see, there is a limited amount of time to get your applications in, but the process is quick and painless. Last year’s organizations included: Health Action New Mexico, New Mexico Animal Humane, Harwood Arts Center, and Blackout Theatre Company; will your company be on the list this year? Only time and your application will tell – get them in!
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