What’s NEWS – Beer Farm, Upcoming Madness


Hey Y’all,

We hope you are doing well out there in the world; we are doing great on the Beer Farm. We have some new things in regards to: beer, programming, and merchandise, that is simply so fun to talk about, we can’t help but let the cats out of the bag – so go ahead, saddle up, and let’s catch up on all things craft: community, art, and beer!

So first things first – for those of you who have seen our staff rockin’ that new Tractor gear, in the way of snap-back, strap-back, and fitted hats – well, we have them back in stock! Check out the cases at each location, and see what fits you best; perhaps you are a man or woman of mystery, and camouflage suits you best – maybe, you support the legalization of one of our beautiful Earth’s natural resources, and want a graphic printed bill on the strap-back that says “pass that to the left…” Maybe you are a black and white, keep it simple and clean kind of person, we have the right hat for you too, in that case – in the case! Come get em.

Now let’s talk beer. We are happy to announce that “The Ruggles,” is here. What is “The Ruggles,” one might ask. Well friends, it is a California Common Beer. This 4.4 ABV aka session beer, is a pale straw color, that is clean crisp, and hopped with Chinook and Cascade hops, perfect for a hot Summer day in which one needs to make sure to have more than one. You know, hydration is key – we’re just thinking of your fans that are a bit weary of the ABVs our beers sometimes bring to the bar top. So cheers folks – sip on something “light,” this Summer.

How about some community/art, now that we’ve talked about branding and beer? Sound good? We are super excited about the attention that our upcoming art opening is getting. We can’t take the credit for the crazy response though. We owe the attention being garnered, to the man behind the lens himself, Mr. Wes Naman! Wes Naman is a household name in Albuquerque, but better yet and furthermore, Wes is a big name around the globe. Some of his most recognizable work was done, while making people hard to recoginze; the Rubber Band and Scotch Tape series, exposed Wes’ work to the world, in a way that maybe even he didn’t anticipate. When we asked if he would be interested in bringing his brilliance the Wells Park walls, we didn’t anticipate such an immediate and excited reply – we are super grateful! What does all this mean? July 25th, you are invited to join Wes in our Wells Park tap room, as we celebrate his art opening! The night will start at 6pm, and entertainment will follow at 7 and 9pm. The 2Bers and BuddhaFunk are slated to entertain you – your only job is to show up to this incredibly cool and totally FREE event. Deal?

Well Beer Farmers, that’s about all for now – as you head into your weekend, we remind you to drink responsibly; but while you do that, go ahead and do it with us, plan your weekend by hitting these amazing events:
TONIGHT, Friday July 17th, 7-10pm FREE: Tractor Wells Park – Art Fight 
Tomorrow, Saturday July 18th 9pm-12am FREE: Tractor Wells Park – In The Mix with Flo-Fader 
Sunday Fun Day, July 19th 4pm-7pm FREE: Tractor Wells Park – I’LL Drink To That