Meet – Kat – Tattoo Artist – a #Face in our community


Hey Everyone,
Hope you are enjoying your Friday – it’s almost time for this week to be over, and for beer to be flowing generously from the taps on the Beer Farm. We can’t wait for the weekend, and honestly, for another week to start; we love all the action we have going on, on the Beer Farm on a nightly basis. Wednesday of next week, brings Art Fusion For A Cause. AFAC, as we call it, has become a main stay and a crowd drawer on the Beer Farm. It has been fun seeing the community grow and evolve, and all the artists that are beginning to feel at home in our space. This coming week’s Art Fusion, has employee/artists at Ace’s Tattoo coming ready and willing for some fun! These guys, and gal – the gal is being highlighted here today, are going to put their art to the paper – and their skill to the good cause of fundraising for the NM Autism Society – August 12th at 8pm, come check it out. But for now, Meet Kat D’Orazio, Ace’s Tattoo artist and Art Fusion participant August 12th. We asked Kat some questions – here are her answers. Enjoy this #Faces edition of our Blog!
Kat D’Orazio – Flowerhead
How did you discover tattoo artistry? 
I have always been compelled to make art, but doubted that I could earn a living with it.  I got a degree in dental hygiene, and realized that my basic medical knowledge would be useful in tattooing.  I dove in and haven’t looked back!
How long have you been in the industry? 
I have been tattooing about two and a half years.
Have you ever been a participant in Art Fusion before? 
I’ve participated in Art Fusion in June and July.
How do you feel to be benefiting the NM Autism Society, by way of your talents?  
I’m stoked to be using what I enjoy most help others!
What would you say to any aspiring artists? 
To aspiring artists I would say to keep creating, and you will find a place for your art.  I didn’t really expect to end up tattooing, but I’m so glad that I am.
What is your favorite style to tattoo? 
My favorite styles to tattoo are watercolor/painterly, creepy and/or cutesy
Give us 3 words that best describe you…
damn artsy fool