Artist Spotlight – D. Hawk


We recently sat down with D. Hawk – aka Don Hawkins Jr. of Ace’s Tattoo, one of the participants of tonight’s Art Fusion, benefiting the NM Autism Society. We asked him some questions, in order to get to know him a little better. He is now going to be a #Face on the Beer Farm – so enjoy our #Faces edition of today’s blog – D. Hawk it is.


What is your full legal name? 
Don Hawkins, Jr. – D. Hawk
How did you get involved in the world of tattoo artistry, and or decide to be a tattoo artist? 
I decided I wanted a profession in art and was fascinated with the construction of the machine and how it worked.
How long have you been tattooing? 
I’ve been in the industry since 2012.
Have you been an Art Fusion participant before? 
I’ve never done Art Fusion before.
What do you think about your art being part of an event that gives back to the community? 
I’m always on board to giving back to the community.
What would you tell any young aspiring artists? 
I would tell aspiring artists to continue to grow, you can never learn enough.  Stay humble and level-headed.
What is your favorite style to tattoo?
I don’t have a favorite tattoo style.  I feel like having favorites limits one’s artistic ability.
Give us three words that describe D. Hawk… 
outgoing, comical, tall