#Faces on the Farm – meet: Christopher Lopez


Who are you and what do you do day to day? 

My name is Christopher Z. Lopez, born in Las Vegas, NM, lived in Albuquerque at the age of 1 until I was 10. My father moved us to a small farm North of Española, Chili, NM, pronounced Chee-lee, not Chilili but Chili. I learned how to take care of sheep, goats, pigs, lots of rabbits and chickens. My father learned to take the sandy earth on our property and turn it in to a fertile organic farm that we would grow our food. We were poor but never without and we learned to be resourceful as kids. I had the river and the surrounding mountains as my playground. I learned to draw at the age of 5. I started to paint in high school and I have been doing art pretty much inconsistently since then.

Moved back to Albuquerque in 1996, went to UNM and graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in 2000. Currently I am an Educational Adviser and Outreach Coordinator in Santa Fe. I am a father of 2 and married to my best friend. I live on the Westside and I have a studio in my garage that I love and I use almost daily.

I love working in mixed media, collage, watercolor, acrylics, charcoal and oils. I’ve shown my work at Tractor Brewery in Nob Hill, El Chante Casa de Cultura, Contemporary Hispanic Market, Santa Fe Community College Gallery, Inn of the Anasazi, to name a few places. I am working on creating more art, time is a hard one to manage with a family and a job. Not making excuses just got to put in the time in order to gain a greater sense of self as an artist and get it done!


How did you find Tractor Brewing? 

I have friends that live in Los Lunas and they were telling me of this brewery called Tractor and that I should check it out. Well I never got to go to the brewery in Los Lunas, so when it opened in Nob Hill I went there and was hooked ever since. I love the Farmers Tan Red and I am currently stoked on the Ruggles Steam beer you have going on right now!

Why have you “stayed” on the Beer Farm?

I have always enjoyed the beer and the people who serve it. I was given an opportunity to show my work at the tap room in Nob Hill, thank you Marisa!!! I had a show last year and I felt like I was being invested in and given an opportunity to have some exposure to my community who loves to drink good craft beer and appreciates local artists! I also have met kick ass people like Lauren, Marisa and Carlos, who work there at Tractor that are like minded and working towards a greater creative sense of self!
Do you attend many events at Tractor? Why? 

I attend a lot of events because I am either a participant of the event or I am there to support others whom I really admire and appreciate for their craft.


What are some of your favorite events at Tractor? 

I’ll Drink to That, Art fight, Non-Profit events, live music, and any event that involves my friends and beer, can’t beat that!


What would you say to lovers of the craft beer scene in ABQ who haven’t yet been to Tractor Brewing? 

If you love craft beer and you love a business that supports its community then you need to get yourself to Tractor in Wells Park or Nob Hill. You will find your favorite flavor of beer and if you do not like beer there are amazingly yummy ciders, from a dry apple to a sweet berry cider. My wife loves to mix the apple and the berry. I sometimes will get a half stout and a half apple cider, pretty damn tasty! I also love the seasonal beers like Turkey Drool but I cannot drink too many of those, that is a story for another time!

As an artist, what does it mean to have community spaces to create in?

To be able to go to a place that I frequent to drink beer and now to paint and drink beer it makes it feel like I am more a part of my community that appreciates and helps me foster my passion as an artist. I also get to meet an amazing crew of other artists and I mean from performing arts, spoken word, song writers, painters and crafts peeps that are from professionals to beginners. We all have the same goal and that is to create really cool art and to drink beer, nothing wrong with that!


What’s coming up for you as an artist? 

I am currently working on illustrations for a children’s book. It is the second book of Marisol and the Moon Thieves, it is called Marisol and the Moon Portal. Alex Paramo is the founder of Community Publishing, asked me to illustrate his book. I am also planning on another show at the Nob Hill Tractor location. I also plan on doing more Art Fights and IDTT’s…


Where can we find your art? 

I am currently not showing anywhere except Casa de Lopez and I have a Facebook page: www.facebook.com/czlopezarte

I am in the works for a website and an Instagram account.

You can also contact me at xhicoleon@gmail.com if you would like to drop me a line.


Any last words? 

I would like to thank: Carlos, Marisa and Tractor for the opportunities you both and the Tractor familia have given me! I will continue promoting and working towards creating a stronger community and hope anyone who loves beer and art will stop by order a pint and buy local art!