Call For Artists – Nob Hill Art Show – October –


Hey All,

We hope you are doing well out there. We are super happy and having fun on the Beer Farm. We had the manager of our Nob Hill art shows, Mari, come up with a great idea for October – She wants to do an “all call for submissions” so that we can have a “community” art show – the theme: All The World’s Futures ~ 

Check out Mari’s message to all you artists out there – it’s right down below. Submit your work! Let’s make our Nob Hill walls beautiful, with images from all over our community! 


Calling all artists!!

“The world before us today exhibits divisions and wounds, pronounced inequalities and uncertainties as to the future. Despite the great progress made in knowledge and technology, we are currently negotiating an ‘age of anxiety’. ..Observing the relationship between art and the development of the human, social, and political world, as external forces and phenomena loom large over it. Our aim is to investigate how the tensions of the outside world act on the sensitivities and the vital and expressive energies of artists, on their desires and their inner song“. – Paolo Baratta

October it will be time to look at “All The Worlds Future,” an art exhibition focusing on the scary truth our cumulative actions have shaped the world we live in. We are looking for pieces that will reflect the scary truth, no filters necessary, and perhaps amplify the things we hide from ourselves or so easily accept about our world today. Things like waste, environmental resources, natural disasters, rights and equalities of women, people of color and immigrants in general. These topics are often shrouded in lengthy debate with no conclusion… but so few images come to mind. We want to see the facts without the blinders of media and tip toeing of government that continues to dampen change on any real scale. A piece that would reflect “All The World’s Future.”


For your piece to be considered we need: a description and photo of your work, an artist agreement and bio sent to by 11:59 pm MT September 25th. The sooner the better! Selected pieces will go up by October 1st and come down in November, there will be an art opening event. Please remember there is limited space and all pieces submitted will be considered but only twelve pieces will be selected. If your piece is considered for inclusion, Mari, will personally follow up with the above mentioned “artist agreement.”

Submit any questions to Marisa Valdez at

Check out the Info/ inspiration for the idea, Venice Biennali:
All the best!