Suicide Prevention Month: Semicolon Tattoo Project


Hey Beer Farmers,

We hope you’re well out there, beyond the Beer Farm. We are doing well here. We continue to open the doors and play host to you wonderful folks on a daily basis; good beer, great times, and an amazing atmosphere – not to mention the community around us, welcoming us into their spaces from time to time, let’s just say we can’t be any better!

We love it when we are out and about at one of our welcoming community spots, and they tell us about something going on with them and their business, that we find the time and excitement to share. We have an example of one of those instances right here. Ladies and gentlemen, you need to know about the Semicolon Tattoo Project. Thanks to Jenn Brown, Program Specialist, and Jeremy Jaramillo Associate Director, of the Agora Crisis Center, we learned all about an incredible event on the 26th of September, happening at 3 local tattoo shops. The shops: Archetype Tattoo, King’s Kreation Tattoo, and 71 Tatoo. The project: The Semicolon Tattoo Project – you can be involved, want to know how?  On September 26th between the hours of 11am and 8pm, simply head to one of the shops listed above; when you arrive you will sign up and be on a first come first serve basis for a “semicolon tattoo.” Each shop will have a selection of designs to choose from and a corresponding price. The proceeds are split very fairly between the charity and the artists, with the artists taking very little home, beyond any welcomed tips; the point is the cause, and the support of suicide awareness efforts, during Suicide Prevention Month: September. Got it? Show up, sign up, pay a small amount of money for a forever memory, support suicide awareness, and local business – sounds great, right? Read about what else is great about this project: how it got started, where to get help, and how to be even more involved in this cause. Enjoy:

What is the semicolon project?

The Semicolon Tattoo Project is a locally driven movement that quickly began an international phenomena. The concept of the semicolon is a uniquely personal one, with tremendous widespread appeal, that can be crafted to tell the story of one and reduce stigma for all.

Who all is involved – shops? Organizers?

The Agora Crisis is organizing the 3rd Annual Semicolon Tattoo Project. This years event simply could not be done without the overwhelming support of Jason Smith from King’s Kreation Tattoo, Ben Shaw from Archetype Dermigraphics and Marty Williams from 71 Tattoo, and all of the artists at the shops. The supporters of the event will entertained by Albuquerque’s local talent, showcasing singer-song writers and slam poets. The fundraiser will benefit the Agora Crisis Center, who continues to support New Mexico communities and beyond through free and confidential support, referrals and education.

How did you all find the participating shops?

King’s Kreation Tattoo has been an integral part of the Semicolon Tattoo Project fundraiser since the first year, and helped connect the organizers of this year’s event to the other shops, Archetype Dermigraphics and 71 Tattoo.

What are some stats surrounding this projects growth?

We know that over 17 million Americans suffer from depression each year. The majority of Americans will consider suicide at some point in their life time, even more still suffer from some form of anxiety. And most people know what it’s like to struggle with what it’s like to just make it through the day.

The 2nd year of the Semicolon Tattoo Project had over a 200% increase in participation, and we’re expecting a bigger increase this year. Our Facebook page has gone from 4k to over 40k likes. We’ve done press in over 5 different countries and three continents, including Australia, Japan, England, Canada and France. And yet, Albuquerque is still our home and at the heart of the Semicolon Tattoo Project movement.

What are some important things folks need to know about suicide prevention?

We can’t stop suicide until we decimate the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and live in a community determined to look out for each other. To do this people have to know the warning signs for depression and suicide. For information on how to get trained visit

What are some resources folks can utilize to get help?

505-277-3013 (local)

855-505-4505 (toll-free)