Meet: PACA – One 1 of Our 4 BBB Partners for Year TWO


Howdy Beer Farmers,
We hope everyone is doing fine and well on this Tuesday. We are so happy to be heading into year TWO of our Beer For A Better Burque, non-profit giving program. As we get into year two, we will supply you with some info on the four organizations we have chosen to receive funds by way of our “non-profit nights,” and by way of event programming on and off-site. Our very first organization we would love to introduce you to, is PACA – we had some questions for them, and here are their answers. Enjoy! 

How do you catch wind about the BBB program, via Tractor Brewing?
One of our dog adopters, Bobby Wright, found out about the program and told PACA about it.

What are the mission and vision of your organization, and how will the use of your funds from BBB allow for your mission and vision to be lent to and grown/maximized/nurtured?
Our main mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, rehouse and spay/neuter dogs and cats. PACA has no shelter facility and relies on an organized network of foster parents who graciously take animals into their homes and hearts until permanent homes are found. The funds from BBB will be used for free public spay/neuter efforts in low income areas.

What should folks know about your organization, who might not be actively involved yet – what are some opportunities that folks might be able to take advantage of, in regards in getting involved with your organization?
We are an all-volunteer organization. We rely totally on private, non-profit donations.We also rely on fosters to care for our animals until they find their permanent home. We are in need of dog fosters. Fostering a homeless pet is extremely rewarding and we encourage anyone who is able to foster a dog(s) to contact us.

What would you say to your community supporters in regards to their participation in the BBB program? What is your sales pitch?
We welcome this opportunity to partner with a local business that shares our vision. We consider this partnership a great grass-roots initiative; PACA is helping BBB, BBB is helping PACA. Plus, Tractor Brewing has some of the best beers in town!

How do you plan on being actively involved in maximizing the potential rewards of this year long project as a BBB beneficiary?
We will have a presence at both Tractor locations, in some cases, at the same time. We will alternate between dog and cat representatives. We will advertise the partnership in our quarterly newsletter and website, and distribute information about the program to everyone who adopts a pet from PACA. 

What are some events folks might see you at Tractor Wells Park for – and or, what are some events in the city, folks might see Tractor Brewing’s beer at thanks to this BBB partnership?
We will have our annual PACA holiday party at Tractor Brewing this year. We are exploring offsite events and hope to have another Art Fight, this time for the cats.

What is your opinion of the ABQ craft beer scene, and do you believe it is lending positively to ABQ/NM economic development and local business development?
We think it’s important to support local businesses. It puts money back into the community where it belongs.

What is your favorite Tractor Beer? 
The Double Plow Oatmeal Stout, Farmer’s Tan Red, the seasonal Pumpkin Ale, and the hard ciders.

It is BBB year two, you are now part of a group of organizations supported by Tractor Brewing that is growing in number, how do you feel about being added to this bunch?
We appreciate the collaborative aspect of the BBB program. We are honored to be selected this year.

Describe your organization in 5 words or less….
Private, foster-based, non-profit, rescue, spay/neuter…