6 Events That Make Being A Brewery in Burque, AWESOME!


Hey Beer Farmers,

We hope you are doing well. It’s Tuesday, we know… and we are sorry. There isn’t much we can do about that fact. The one thing we can do, is add BEER to that equation. So, it’s Tuesday, with beer! How does that sound? Better we hope…
We are definitely about making Burque Better. We constantly look to our community for ways we can support the folks around us: artists, other small businesses, and everyday patrons. This week, we really feel like our footprint in the Albuquerque art scene, looks awesome! We are happy to be welcoming in 6 events, in 6 days – and, well, it’s nothing new really; the events that are headed to our Wells Park location, just so happen to be recurring events for us. Nevertheless, we thought we would hip you to the fact that they all happen to be happening in succession this month, that isn’t always the case. So, just so that you can plan your drinking accordingly, allow us to run down the list of what and when – and then, you can order up the tasty pints, and listen to some poetry, buy some art, support a local non-profit, and or laugh at some jokes. Sound good? Here goes EVERYTHING:

Tuesday, October 13th 7pm – Poetry and Beer takes the stage, tonight, Tuesday – it’s always FREE – and there is an open mic, and a poetry slam competition. Poetry and Beer just so happens to be Burque’s longest running open mic and poetry slam in existence, and is headed up by two of Burque’s funniest drinkin’ poets. Damien Flores and Joe Romero do the honors of hosting this word filled shindig. Come on down and sign up for the open mic, which starts the show, and stay for the competition. If you just want to listen, or want to be critical, you can judge the slam! That’s right, no requirements to be a judge, other than you have to be here for the whole night – generally it ends by 9:30 – so come and taste some beers, and chew on some stanzas… see what sounds and tastes good. Cheers.

Wednesday, October 14th 8pm – Art Fusion for a Cause comes to Well Park. That’s right – tattoo artists from all over Albuquerque, pick up the charcoal and create collaborative art. 4 panels, 4 artists, and about an hour and a half. You buy raffle tickets, the money goes this month to: Children’s Grief Center, and the rest is beautiful history. Each month on the second Wednesday, the Guild of Ethical Tattoo Artists, uses Tractor Wells Park as a venue for this very special fundraiser. Non-profits benefit from an event that has giving at its heart. There are two rounds, and this event wraps up around 10pm – so if you miss the first round or artists, stay for the second, starting right around 8:30. If you are wondering how to get involved with “The Guild,” or in being a benefiting organization, show up and talk to Ben Shaw, one of “The Guild’s” founders – see how it all goes down, and get involved.

Thursday, October 15th 8pm & 10pm – Thirsty Thursday with Clark Libbey, and 3rd Thursday Comedy Contest come atcha! You can’t stop, but only help to contain a night like this – we never contain it, we allow it to just go crazy! Come out and watch Clark Libbey, local musician, do his thing for the first time on the Wells Park stage, and when he is done, stick around and be prepared to laugh. Rusty Rutherford aka Rusta Rhymes, always brings a good show. The crowd picks the winner – and a comedy contest is what ensues. We stick around until at least midnight to crown said winner, and then they come back to defend the following month. Follow this laugh filled show each 3rd Thursday, and find your favorite comedian.

Friday, October 16th 7pm – Art Fight Round 12 is going down! This isn’t just any old Art Fight, folks. This is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY edition! Twelve months, twelve themed competitive painting events – all culminating with “Artist’s Choice.” Artists will pay $10 to enter the “fight.” The winner will take home everyone’s entry fees. The top vote getting paintings, get auctioned off by Tractor’s Good Times Liaison and there is musical entertainment to boot! There are a couple DJs and MCs slated to rock the mic that night – along with a host of sponsors and vendors for this special evening of fun! Get here early and stay late – the fun will keep on going past the end of this event – we will make it a night to remember!

Saturday, October 17th 8pm – Homegirls Records has found a “home.” All female, all genres, all vinyl – that’s how they describe themselves; come see for yourself! Saturday night, they’ll take to the tables, and you can take to the crates. Hi-Phy Pop-Up Record Shop will also be in the building, for all those folks who love themselves some “wax.” Fancy yourself a fan of the wheels of steel? This event is a must mark on your calendar – don’t miss it, in fact, make it EVERY time they come to the Beer Farm!

Sunday, October 19th 4pm – I’LL Drink To That Fellows Helping Fellows Edition, will be live and on the stage. What is IDTT? Well, it’s hard to explain… it’s basically a variety show, that gets buzzed and has some fun. LIVE art, poetry, music, comedy, food, beer, and so much more… This show is something that just has to be experienced. Come for the beer and stay for the amazement. This month’s show helps with home repairs for a recent community member who has had some bad luck; FREE to enjoy the show, and as you choose to be involved in the auction or otherwise, know that your funds will go toward making someone’s life that much easier!

Sound like a good week? We think so! So, whatya’ say Burque – see you soon? Clock’s ticking… almost quittin’ time – we won’t tell if you leave early. Our doors are already open – cheers!