Loungin’ for Halloween, with Tricklock Company!


Beer Farmers! Looking for a wild Halloween night but don’t want to put down your pint of Haymaker Honeywheat to go wait in a 3-hour long haunted house line? Well then head yourself right over to 110 Gold Avenue for a killer evening.

Before I detail your evening’s itinerary, let me just say that as Tractor Brewing’s Girl Friday, I am so pleased to be writing my inaugural blog on behalf of Tricklock Theatre Company, where I happily moonlight.

So speaking of moons, what also tends to drive people wild is Albuquerque’s rowdiest, drinkiest, luscious-est late-night cabaret called The Reptilian Lounge. I’ve been going to this thing since I was too young to imbibe – back then it was a speakeasy style so my cup of “juice” was always a little happier than apple concentrate. The madcap times continue though – you can still count on your alcoholic apple juice in the form of Delicious Red Hard Cider served up by Tractor. They have been one of our major sponsors since Skye and I met up for a session at a certain Nob Hill pub, I dunno, ten years ago? And a beautiful relationship was born. Ever since then our late night debauchery has been legit, delicious AND sexy. And what’s more, we’re starting another series of The Lounge THIS HALLOWEEN NIGHT. Complete with a costume contest and other Halloween themed ridiculosity. For instance, two of the hosts are called The Page Sisters. Scantily clad, they boss everyone around and make sure the night stays sexy while still going according to plan. I heard that one of them is taking votes as to how to dress up her bosoms as their own Halloween characters. You can actually put in a vote on the facebook page for the event, maybe you should go do that now: The Reptilian Lounge. As if you needed any more enticing, our house band that night will be The Lymbs. Go rock out to that video after you finish letting me tell you how your evening will BEGIN:

Tricklock Company also make original theatre. Often dark, absurd, physical and/or musical, and always something to sink your teeth into, we are opening a brand new, scintillating spectacle this weekend entitled Her Murder Ballad. Inspired by songs we love that tell often true stories of murder and betrayal, we wanted to dissect those tales to find their intimacy, sensuality, and sensation. Why are those gruesome stories made everlasting in songs handed down generation after generation, to become lullabies and harbingers of nostalgia? There are lots more details on Tricklock Company’s facebook page, including some chilling teaser videos and show details. That show plays Halloween night as well, so go ahead and make it a double-header. So, without further ado…

Your Unforgettable Halloween Night 2015 Itinerary:
6pm: Grab a pint and show off your killer costume at either Tractor Taproom.
7:30pm: Head over to Tricklock Company to feast the dark recesses of your imagination on Her Murder Ballad. Show starts at 8pm. Good idea to make reservations. 505.414.3738
9:00pm: Mingle over a mouth-watering Tractor beverage while anticipating the start of The Reptilian Lounge.
10pm: Live, from the Reptilian Lounge, it’s… The Reptilian Lounge: Halloween Edition!!!