Angelo Went to Donut Mart – This is what happened…


Hey Beer Farmers,
Hope you are well. As many of you know, we have a young man who is a student at UNM, that is popping around town, and experiencing different things. He is taking us with him. The last time we followed Angelo somewhere, it was to the Rail Yards Market. This time, it looks like we went along for breakfast. Check out Angelo’s discovery of the local pastry pushers: Donut Mart. 

The other day I woke up with a craving for donuts. Naturally I thought let’s go to Dunkin Donuts. However, when I got there, it wasn’t exactly empty. The service looked like they were dying on the inside, and they were out of coffee. I needing coffee to go with my donuts left disappointed; that is until I walked next door to a place I had heard of but never actually been inside: Donut Mart.

Donut Mart Cafe, is on Central right next to the Dunkin Donuts which is probably why I had never actually been inside. The small donut shop was not too visually stunning on the outside, but the interior design had a very modern feel, which made me say “whoa” out loud upon entering the restaurant.

There were many donuts and breakfast options that all seemed delicious. I opted to get a breakfast burger on a crescent roll with iced coffee and a donut called the “Manager’s special.” The Burger was delicious savory and scrumptious. The bun was flaky and warm. The breakfast burger comes with an egg and green chile and cheese on top. I never even considered eating a burger with an egg on top but it was a wonderful experience. The coffee was like no other coffee I’ve ever had. Most coffee is either too strong or too weak and almost undrinkable without sugar and creamer. This coffee was different though. It’s flavor was strong yet not overpowering and refreshing alongside the burger. It was the perfect combination.

Of course what would a donut store be without the donuts. I had the Manager’s special which changes every so often. At the time I ate it, the special was a white frosted donut with Oreo cookie crumbs on top and a cream filling. That donut was so good I went back later that night and got a whole dozen of them. I think that alone says a lot about the quality of the food at Donut Mart.

If you find yourself craving a good cup of coffee, donuts, or a burger that is completely unique and filled with flavor,  give Donut Mart a try. It’s relatively cheep and right across the street from UNM’s main campus