8 Questions Before El Moises’ Nov 21st Art Opening


Hey There Beer Farmers,
We hope you are doing well out there in the world. As far as our week goes here on the Beer Farm, we are super excited! We always have so many things going on, that we are constantly smiling at the art and community created around and in our tap rooms. We have a big week this week, and it is capped by a very awesome event: Saturday November 21st at 6pm, we have an Art Opening, featuring the work of El Moises! That’s right – start the night mixing and mingling with the sounds of Nick Peña in the background. While you see what you’d like to buy, art wise, we will change the pace at 9pm, and bring you Flo Fader on the turntables. Two musical acts, and one amazing artist will make sure that you end your week in proper fashion. Come see the art show we have for you at Wells Park – we know you will be amazed. Need further convincing. We figured that if you did, a quick list of questions, 8 to be exact, might intrigue you just enough to join us. We sat down with El Moises – and he ruminated on all things art and life, with us – the Q&A below, is the product of an awesome conversation, we hope you enjoy.

How did your artist career begin?
“My career started when I realized I would be doing this for the rest of my life and that was in 6th grade.”

Give me 3 words that describe your art as folks witness it today?
“Folk, Moderno, Chingon – Reason being I’m combining art from Mexico, where I am from, meets Americana with a badass twist.”

How has your art evolved?
“One day at a time it does. I feel like I am never done learning. I recently had the opportunity to revisit some of my older works. It has the same elements and style but my technique has developed to a more disciplined style.”

Where do you think your art will take you?
“My art will take me and has taken me to where I need to be. I have no destination. I am a bit of a gypsy to begin with, that’s encouraging to freestyle everyday.”

Who is an inspiration for your work?
“I am inspired by my cultura and my upbringing and my modern days through conversations with my friends and family. Growing up in Mexico with traditional family values as well as lowriding in the U.S. with my father in South Phoenix.”

What is the goal when you set out to create?
“It is not one of my goals but something that comes naturally which is to narrate and tell stories through my art. Sometimes my work has a direct message and sometimes it tells a story.”

If you could give young artists a piece of advice, what would it be?
“Keep the fire going through good times and bad times because ultimately your art is your therapy and your voice.”

What is next for you in your career?
“I’m working on a series that I am just now releasing. It is my space lowriders where our indigenous past comes and revisits through lowriding and messages.”