There’s Always Room For Green Chile


Picture this… you’re sitting on your couch, wiping the sleep out of your eyes… you might have places to go, things to do, and people to see, but it’s New Mexico; all of those must do things, are going to wait. What then, is going to happen? Breakfast, maybe some conversation with a couple of friends at said breakfast, and a “session,” of sorts, before and after that incredible breakfast.

Most days in Albuquerque, are beautiful for a number of reasons. If you are a follower of the local music and art scene, those reasons multiply, quickly. If you are a friend of local: performer, sound engineer, studio owner, and producer, Colin Diles Hazelbaker, those reasons coalesce – beautifully! How?

Well, for many folks, who were present in our tap room, the night Holy Holm “rang the bell,” of Ronda Rousey, you know many of those reasons. They can be named: Dre Z, Raashan Ahmad, J Gray et. al….

A larger name and label to apply is certainly: Green Chile In The Air Volume 5, because well… who in New Mexico ISN’T grateful for green chile? Am I right? When we delve further into the type of “chile” that Diles is serving up via this crazy compilation series that spans more than five years of time and music, it is easy to see that Central Root Studios and Visceral View Entertainment are roasting up some unparalleled goodness in the South West!

Diles, as he is most popularly known, has been working with: poets, rappers, singers, and song writers around the globe, literally at this point, in the last few years, to create the potent music featured by a number of artists on each of his “Green Chile In The Air” offerings.

There’s something special about this homegrown approach to creation – that isn’t all at home! Working with folks like: Anacron of Los Angeles, Molina Speaks of Denver, and Idris Goodwin of Colorado Springs, along with the aformentioned folks, has allowed Diles to present a “scan” of music, that has that certain type of feel to it – a flavor – a bite – a kick – definitely something that is analogous to its green chile title!

My favorite track to date, although is on heavy rotation in my Q45, happens to be from local beast: J Gray – a prophetic writer, with an honest style, and enough street to make your kids who “like rap,” listen, while us “old heads,” listen for the content and context of the rhymes, and find it, finds me putting his track “All Gas,” on repeat. Other favorites happen to be: “Soul Motion” by Ricky G of Mondo Vibrations and Diles himself, and “The Watcher,” by Zoology Crew member Dahhm Life.

No matter what your musical preference is, it is safe to say, you will find something to identify with, on this compilation of conscious creations. And, the best things is – if you like this – there are FOUR more volumes before it, and many to come after.

To purchase this masterpiece, among other things, just visit: