388 Events – 2015 Isn’t Over Yet…


Hey There Beer Farmers,
Hope you’re doing well out in the world. We here on the Beer Farm are heading toward the holidays, with smiles on our faces, and beer on the taps, and in the works. Working on the Beer Farm is quite the responsibility. Yes – responsibility. If you know anything, or have learned anything about Tractor Brewing as a business, you know that Tractor Brewing is a lifestyle brand. We brew an incredibly large amount of flavors, and have grown into a production brewery here in Albuquerque. Having been a New Mexico business for the last 15 years, and completely Albuquerque based for close to the last two, Tractor is continually working to make an impact in the communities and neighborhoods we serve and are a part of.

Tractor Brewing Company currently holds residence in two wonderful neighborhoods in Albuquerque; one of our tap rooms sits in the mix of all things Route 66, with at Nob Hill location, we have enjoyed: parades, festivals, nightly crowds of tourists, families, and students from the neighboring University of New Mexico campus. Many nights on our Nob Hill patio, you can sit and enjoy some suds, while listening to some of the best solo singer-songwriters in the Albuquerque community. Solos on the Hill, and Setting The Tone, our weekly series for musicians in Nob Hill, was a successful addition to our tap room entertainment in 2015. We enjoyed a number of amazing art openings on our “gallery” walls, while members of, and artists in our community, joined each other in appreciation of talent, hustle, and art.

Our second location; our larger location – that boasts 18,000 square feet including: storage, gallery space, a tap room, and our brewing operation, at Tractor Brewing Wells Park, is the most recent real estate addition to the Tractor Brand. Tractor Brewing moved the making of beer to Albuquerque nearly two years ago, and with the move came growth. Now available on tap, and on shelves at grocery and convenient stores, Tractor has gone big. Going big for Tractor didn’t mean ignoring what built the brand. The cans are created and designed by the accomplished and talented, young and local artist: David Santiago. The Wells Park location, while marketing the brand and beers in the can, and on the board, plays host to entertainment 5-7 days a week. When thinking “big,” the thought wasn’t how do we “market” this business, so much as it was, “how do we involve our community in this business?”

There you have it – the secret’s out – if it were ever a secret to begin with… Tractor is about #ALLThingsCraft – with examples of this all inclusive, community based, brand building approach, like: All Things Craft, our Shop and Stroll pop-up with We Are This City, our BBBBands Fundraising Concert event that featured 4 Bands and 4 benefiting non-profit organizations, our ongoing and yearly changing Beer For A Better Burque non-profit giving program, and our entertainment catalogue that includes: belly dancers, slam poets, late night comedy, craft vendors, theatre performances, charity fundraisers, and music… it is simple to see that when it comes to doing business – we like to do a little bit of everything, as long as that “everything,” makes Albuquerque a better place to live.

We have to say “thank you.” We wouldn’t be able to attempt improving the conditions around us, for artists and the communities they work in, if it wasn’t for your continued trust and patronage in our ever-growing brand. We have exciting things happening in 2016!  We are excited to release more BEER! We have some stick to the plan, sure things, as far as suds are concerned; we also have some “let’s see what happens,” type of ideas, that we think are going to go over really well. Stay tuned to the brewery news, as we make you aware of Seasonal releases in the new year. Also in regards to beer, keep an eye out for our cans, and quite possibly some “Seasonal” handles heading out into the market as well. It won’t be too long before you can taste some Beer Farm brilliance on a limited basis, at different bars and restaurants around town- that’s aside from, and in addition to our current 4 “Classic” flavors we have to offer right now: Farmer’s Tan Red Ale, Almanac IPA, ABQ’s Best of the City Milk Mustachio Milk Stout, and our Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider. We are going to roll out limited availability “seasonal handles.” These offerings, we think will then have you at our tap room doors trying to taste what’s next.

What’s next? More Beer – More Fun – MORE EVENTS!

Yes, EVENTS – 388 of them will have: taken the stage, the parking lot, the mic, the prize, and then taken a growler home with them, by the time we end 2015. That’s right, on and off site, and not counting EVERYTHING we did – in 2015, we produced 388 opportunities to build community, while supporting local business. It’s time to start planning for 400 or more in 2016, and we hope to see you at quite a few of em. Have an idea? Let’s hear it –

Want to party one last time, before we start the counter over at 000? See you for a FREE New Year’s Eve event with Flo Fader on the turntables. Until then, #GetPlowed, friends!

Sincerely Yours,
Carlos Contreras
Good Times Liaison, Tractor Brewing Company