Let The Good Times Flo…


Tractor Brewing and one of this city’s best DJs, are teaming up to let the good times “Flo,” for New Year’s Eve. Flo Fader will be at Tractor Brewing Wells Park, on December 31st, starting at 8pm.
Have you been on the “Beer Farm” before? Tractor Brewing is a completely Albuquerque based brewery. With a step into the production of beer, in the last two years, Tractor has upped its presence not only by way of opening up TWO locations, but now, you can find them in the can and on tap around town. If you visit their tap rooms specifically, chances are you are going to experience a little bit of what Albuquerque as a city has to offer. Tractor has a hand in the community in ways that are unique and original; Their #ALLThingsCraft approach, has lent to the building of a brand that is not only “beer forward,” but “community centered” as well – If it makes Burque a better place to be, it’s often found happening on the “Beer Farm.”

With the opening of the “Wells Park,” location Tractor Brewing took a large step in the direction of not only beer creation, but event creation as well. Things were strategic and calculated in both regards, over the time that Tractor has spent on South 4th Street, in the Wells Park neighborhood. Music was a given, and has continued. Art came with a heavy and totally cool collaborative hand, in the way of events like Art Fight, and I’LL Drink To That – what was noticed though, by staff and owners alike at Tractor, was that there was a need for a “somewhere else” come weekend nights, and dancin’ time.

In The Mix, was added to the Saturday night programming at Wells Park, fairly quickly into the tap room/brewery’s existence, and it too has stuck. Well, we should stay, it’s kept on spinning. The success of events, have to do so much with the talent featured during them; As Tractor looks back at a 2015 that was fruitful, educational, and encouraging, a bit of thanks is owed and offered to those that have helped to entertain day in and day out.

Consider Tractor’s New Year’s Eve offering a bit of a celebration of what community can do when it comes together. Fundraisers, variety shows, art openings, festivals, and the creation of a “different” kind of space, have all been possible because of the talents of this city around us. Flo Fader will remind us on December 31st, ¬†just how talented our city is, and how blessed businesses, patrons, and performers are, to have each other!

As you wrap up your 2015, we encourage you to reach out to the local businesses you continually support, the performers whose shows you attend, and the staff at each and every one of these establishments, and give thanks. Hell, if you notice someone out and about on the last night of the year, that helped to make your 2015 just that much better, buy em a beer! We hope a whole lot of beer buying will happen at both of our locations on New Year’s Eve, and we invite you to shake a leg with one of the best: Flo Fader!