New Website, New Look

Jeremy KinterBlog

Why go with a new website? Easy, to look cool. We needed to simply update a lot of things. Our first website we built ourselves. This time we hired pro Jason Griffin of Internet Crossroads. We combed through some of our favorite sites and listed features and aesthetics we like from those other brewery webpages. Jason took all our information and build the whole darn thing from the ground up.

One of our biggest critiques was the speed at which our site loaded and accessibility to our beers on tap. If you go to our fresh new SITE the first thing you’ll encounter are our featured beers. It’s simple quick and intuitive. Above that are both our locations you can click on to see what is CURRENTLY on tap in Nob Hill or Wells Park, or simply see what we’re brewing by clicking “All Beers.”

Scroll down and the next thing you”ll see is the next upcoming event at either location. Two things very important to us here at Tractor, BEER and EVENTS. You can click through to get a more detailed description of what’s happening or click “Events” in the tab bar and you can view what’s going on for the next week or month!

Just explore the site and you’ll see that that it’s design is simple yet beautiful and efficient. Especially on the mobile version which I know most of you cats use to view our beers or food trucks. Some fantastic things in the works at Tractor Brewing for the new year so stay tuned!