Some Awesome Tractor Beer and Food Pairings

Jeremy KinterBlog

Luna De Los Muertos Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and Beer, Venison, or Elk Stew.

A nice hearty hot and dense stew always pleases the belly on a Winters night especially when paired with the slightly aromatics of plum, dark cherry, chocolate and coconut. This warming smooth spirit will wash down that thick beefy stock nicely, while remaining a good option to simply sip on as a dessert as well. We like these recipes, just sub in your meat of choice. You can purchase bombers of the Russian Imperial at either Tractor location or at: Total Wine Uptown and Jubilation.

Farmers Tan Red Ale and Bacon Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Goat Cheese.

Our Farmer’s Tan Red Ale is a big, rich and malty, and was designed to bring forward bold candy flavors the mingle with the slight notes of our earthy hops. That’s why the initial deep savoriness of the bacon with the sweetness of the date and tartness of the goat cheese make it a great pairing for the red ale. We like this recipe. You can purchase our Farmers Tan Red at both of our locations and most liquor stores around Albuquerque including: Quarters, Total Wine, Whole Foods, Smiths, Giants, and Kelly’s, and do forget you can get it fresh from the tap at either of our locations.

Almanac IPA and Spicy Indian Red Curry Chicken.

Our IPA is all about balance. A blend of northwester hops and a touch of biscuit malt give this IPA a refined bitter finish which is dry, refreshing, and easy to drink. The Hop forward nature of IPA’s pair incredibly with traditional Indian spices like cardamom, coriander, and tamarind. The hops might intensify the spice at first (which we as New Mexicans like) then they carry it away. We like this recipe. You can purchase our Almanac IPA the same locations as the Red Ale, or if you’re feeling adventurous come and try our Partridge in a Pine Tree seasonal IPA at either of our locations.