#CommunityDialogue – a Conversation with Hawaiian Headliner Jordan T as he Preps for RezArtX



Written by Carlos Contreras

“It sort of found me! I was supposed to play this festival before but couldn’t make it so I’m SUPAH excited and humbled to be able to be a part out of this! Been looking forward to sharing some vibes and culture,” said Jordan T, the act set to headline June 8th’s RezArtX event in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the National Hispanic Cultural Center.

Jordan T is headed our way by way of the North Pacific coast – Hawaii to be exact! That’s right folks, this thing is a national event right here in the Duke City. Numerous indigenous performers from all over the country will descend upon Albuquerque and leave us forever changed. Indigenous artists are changing the landscape of performative arts in the Southwest especially – those of us here in Albuquerque can point to this reality and influence on a wide scale. We asked “T” about what it means for him to “be” an indigenous artist.

“To me it’s about using art as a vessel to connect people and represent a higher purpose. It also gives us a platform to represent and respect ancestral cultures, beliefs, journeys, and to tell our stories so that future generations can see what makes them, them. We can all learn from each other and when we do, we begin to realize how related we all are and how small this world is,” he said.

About that world – Jordan does quite the bit of traveling. He tours and plays shows all over the globe. This to him isn’t “work” though – in fact, when we asked him what his favorite thing about being a performing artist, he had this to say, ”I love being able to travel and see places I wouldn’t normally get to see and meeting and cruising with people I normally wouldn’t get to meet. It gets tiring being on the road after a while especially when we have 6-8 weeklong tours. We cover a LOT of road and air miles. It’s definitely a grind trying to stay healthy but 100% worth it!”

The air miles and ground hustle will produce bigger and better things for “T” in 2018. Knowing he is such a busy artist, we asked about his plans following his Albuquerque RezArtX headlining gig.

“I’m Working on a brand new EP of my own and well as a side EP Collab with my braddahs CRSB from the bay area. We’ve been talking about it for a while and finally took a break from touring to do some recording so look out for that! I’m excited to be a part of Island Reggae Fest in San Jose and Island Vibes in SD.  After NM, we are off to AZ, Vegas, and back to CA,” said the jet setter.” I guess that means us Burque folks better catch him while we can. June 8th is starting to look like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

About “life” and “opportunity,” we asked Jordan T spoke to both – offering young artists a bit of advice. “ Don’t be afraid to sweat and grind to get to where you need to be. Plus no one can take hard work away from you at the end of day! What you give is what you’ll get and the journey won’t always be sunshine but that’s ok!  The best things in life take work, dedication and sacrifice,” he said. Us New Mexico natives know a few things about hard work and sacrifice. We can definitely identify with that.

If you want to follow Jordan T before he touches down in June – and or – after he takes off, take down the helpful info below. We hope to see you at RezArtX 2018 – June 8th at the National Hispanic Cultural Center, get your tickets at www.rezartx.com.”


Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter: @jordantmusic