#CommunityDialogue – Working Together & Getting Things Done that’s what Burque’s About



Written by Carlos Contreras

“Art Fusion is an Albuquerque staple when it comes to art and awareness. If you haven’t heard of Art Fusion, it’s about time you do. May 17th, the NM Hispanic Bar Association, and the BRAND NEW Blue Agave Republic are collaborating with Art Fusion artists for a one of a kind event. We know what it’s like to lend a hand to community efforts. In fact, we used to have Art Fusion at Wells Park monthly – so when we heard about their efforts continuing, we figured we’d tip our hat to a staple in the fundraising and teamwork community. This one’s for you Art Fusion for a Cause – cheers.

May 17th, for one night only, artists, law students, community supporters and leaders, and the general public will all come together in a fun and art-filled effort to support the NM Hispanic Bar Association Scholarship Fund, which opens doors to a quality legal education in our community. Those who attend or just so happen to be there can expect a night filled with what Albuquerque does best: the arts, food, culture, music, and community.

Event organizers, New Mexico Hispanic Bar Association event co-chairs Jacob Candelaria and Larissa Lozano, Blue Agave Republic’s Owner Carri Phyllis and Ben Shaw owner of Archetype Tattoo and Lead Coordinator of  Art Fusion for a Cause are excited about the collaborative effort at hand.

“New Mexico is a diverse place. Celebrating that, and bringing together people from different walks of life, is always something magical in this place,” said Senator Jacob Candelaria when asked about the excitement surrounding their plans. When asked how they came up with such a combo, he added, The law is an art. It’s amazing to bring to together local artists that practice in different media…painting, tatoo art, the law..and bring them together to bring out the best in all of us.”

The event will be FREE for any and all who choose to attend. Art Fusion For a Cause is a live art event that takes place by way of a succession of rounds of collaborative art by city artists; many times those fleshing out the task of creating on the spot, are local tattoo artists and shop owners. Art created at the event will be raffled off to support the NM Hispanic Bar Assoc. Scholarship Fund. If that isn’t intriguing enough, a regular among the brewery music scene, Melissa Rios will be on hand playing original bilingual tunes for the crowd. Come out to a night sure to entertain and serve a purpose beyond the good time had. This is how we give back. Get involved, support local in a number of ways all at once, and go home feeling better about this city we all love. Cheers.”