One Albuquerque

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Written by Jeremy Kinter.

“How’s it going, Albuquerque? It’s been a while since one of the folks around the Beer Farm hit you with a blog. These days, we’ve lent our space on the interwebs to someone who used to do more than take up space on the Beer Farm, Carlos Contreras (Former Tractor Brewing Good Times Liaison). Carlos has taken to the streets of Albuquerque and drummed up content that focuses on people, places, events, and “things,” that are worth talking about.

When you read our blog, anything with the hashtag #CommunityDialogue, is part of his series. We appreciate the collaboration with an employee that shares an affinity for this city with Tractor Brewing Company – and we are glad we’ve been able to maintain a healthy and fruitful relationship beyond his time with us.  

Those of you who know the recent history of Tractor Brewing Company, might be familiar with the fact that Carlos Contreras, who now works for Mayor Tim Keller, as the City of Albuquerque’s Director of Marketing and Innovation, grew some of his skills within the walls of our Wells Park taproom. That’s right – born and raised, and nurtured here in Burque, this man of marketing used to work for and with us – and YOU – the people of Albuquerque.

His hustle on behalf of artists, businesses, and  all Burqueños alike, hasn’t skipped a beat. In fact, it’s picked up the pace quite a bit. We were super excited to see the product of his hard work recently, when we powered up our computer, clicked on our web browser and check our “book of faces.” There it was – “One Albuquerque,” a video – with a simple message from our amazing Mayor: “press play.” So we did.

Did you? IF you haven’t seen it yet, we encourage you to visit the Mayor’s FB page and press play.

We were delighted to see the creative, diverse, vibrant, and hopeful Albuquerque that we’ve come to know, contribute to, and love so much, being showcased on a platform that is capable of telling our story to the world. We were equally excited to learn that the video is just one piece of an entire promotional campaign that the City of Albuquerque and Mayor Tim Keller will be rolling out over the course of the summer and rest of 2018.

We reached out to Carlos and asked if we could share this information with you, our Tractor family. Because as explained to us by Carlos himself, “One Albuquerque,” has less to do with city government and MORE to do with EVERY person in our city. We are jazzed about the possibilities such a positive promotion possesses and are just taking a second to do our part.

Word on the street is, there are some rockin’ t-shirts and other merch that will accompany this really cool call to action. We also heard there are more videos, photos, and promotional materials planned that “give a voice” to the people of Albuquerque, as Carlos put it when we asked. We can certainly agree with and get in line with something that does that. So cheers to you Mayor Keller and the City of Albuquerque – you’re right, we are “One Albuquerque!”