#CommunityDialogue – Small Businesses You Should Know About


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Written by Carlos Contreras.

“Tractor Brewing is continuing on down the line of this #CommunityDialogue project. Along the way, Immastar Productions, the provider of this fresh and different series, has acquired a partner of sorts in JohnnyBoards Advertising. This blog is a chosen focus for Immastar, because it speaks to the belief of the small business trio. Tractor is a woman owned business, and Immastar and JohnnyBoards are minority owned businesses. All of them are “small,” by different definitions. This blog focuses on some other small businesses you should know about around town. From help with your media matters, to getting your hair done, getting rid of unwanted hair, getting fit, or getting something sweet to eat these women owned businesses have something to offer – and you should take em up on it. Check these quick write ups, then look these businesses up further and pay them a visit.

Black Box Fitness – co-owned and operated by Jessica Gentry. Black Box hangs its hat on being a space for everyone. Whether your a CrossFit fanatic, looking for a place to do the next WOD, or you have no idea what WOD means – this is the place for you. With focuses on youth in recovery, adults battling obesity, and athletes looking to find an edge, Black Box is certainly a one box fits all type of space. Try them out, today!

Eaton Media LLC – do you need an effective, attractive, and affordable online presence? From social media to custom websites, Eaton Media is the place to go. Supported by a large group of working partners, Eaton Media is a go to for locally sourced social media resources and support.

Waxing the City – owned and operated by Jessica Carothers, this amazing small business located in the North Valley of Albuquerque, provides premier services in the realm of hair removal. If you’re looking for a professional, clean, and comfortable environment for means of removing unwanted body hair – look no further than Waxing the City.

Los Ranchos Bakery – do you like sweet treats? Who doesn’t? Stephanie Lucero at Los Ranchos Bakery has made a career in keeping your sweet tooth satisfied. If you’ve never been there before –  it’s time to make it a first time. Pies, cookies, scones, and more – both with and without the presence of Gluten; make a trip to Los Ranchos and make your next get together a hit at the hands of Stephanie and her staff.

Roots Salon – need a new style? Check out this Nob Hill business. Roots Salon, owned and operated by Sara Bassett, is a great idea for your ideas on a new do. Do you! That’s right; head on up the hill to this spot and be listened to, taken care of, and leave with a look you have always wanted. Make Roots your new space for transformation.”