flier donna

Written by Carlos Contreras

“How goes it Burque locals and visitors alike? We sure hope you’re enjoying this beautiful city of ours and all it has to offer. There are so many things that seem to get overlooked when it comes to the Duke City, that Immastar Productions via #CommunityDialogue, is consistently set on making at least a small dent in when it comes to making things and people who matter, more visible.

From fashion, to beer culture, from art, and education, to the everyday hustlers our city has in its grasp – we talk about that – about them. We aim to help you be happy, informed, proud, and healthy. This installment leans toward those who lean in, who bend every which way, or those looking for a new type of exercise for a healthy approach to life. This installment of #CommunityDialogue focuses on a local Yogi, Donna Marlow Contreras. Yes, you caught the last name right – she’s my wife. Full disclosure, this incredibly impressive human being needs not my personal bias when describing just how amazing she is, read this.

Recently, Donna accepted the challenge and invitation to spread awareness around the illness that is cancer. She agreed to host donation based classes at her regular place of practice/instruction, Blissful Spirits, in partnership with Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The event will be held at the Paseo and Jefferson location of Blissful Spirits, Saturday, September 29th, from 12:30-1:30. Those that are interested in both yoga, and in spreading awarness and raising money to aid in research and treatment of cancer, can attend and lend their time, effort, and collective energy toward getting closure to a cure. Sounds good right? We thought so – and we thought it appropriate to shed some light on someone going above and beyond to do something great in the community.

So take a break from the bar stool – and get in the hot room, whatya’ say? Join Donna – we know you won’t regret it; she’s a pretty hip chick – check out a bit about her:

There’s something for everyone in the practices of this versatile fitness junky and mom of one. When she’s not offering classes to the public, she is helping protect the lean and athletic bodies of the Lady Lobos’ basketball team, as they prepare for another season at The Pit. Yep – she does that too. She didn’t always bend and not break – taking a break from the corporate world nearly 5 years ago, Donna certified, grabbed a mat, and has never looked back. Her future looks bright – but don’t just take my/our words for it – instead read about what you can expect when you visit it her at one of her TWO Albuquerque yoga studios (Blissful Spirits Hot Yoga and O2 Fitness).

Donna brings her high-energy and fun-loving spirit to all her classes. She loves her ability to share her passion with students of all ages and levels. She especially loves challenging her students to go beyond what they think they are physically capable of, ride their edge, and get out of their comfort zone.

Join Donna on the mat sometime MAYBE ON SEPTEMBER 29TH – JUST SAYING… and experience first hand the passion she has for yoga and life all at the same time.”