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Every March Albuquerque sees a large influx of touring bands come through the Duke City for a festival in Austin . Many of these bands look for gigs and if they are not booked, would pass up Albuquerque on their way to or from Austin. To celebrate these diverse touring bands we’ve put together “South By New Mex” in order to help make Albuquerque a destination for music rather than an afterthought. Throughout the month of March, Tractor Brewing Company will be featuring 10 touring musicians at our Nob Hill, Westside, and Wells Park locations. We’re hoping other businesses will follow suit in welcoming these artists to Albuquerque, so in the future we can create something larger to help elevate the city’s creative economy.

The inaugural South by New Mex lineup will be:

3/1 Callie E Tomblin – Tractor Nob Hill 5pm
3/9 Matthew Stewart – Tractor Nob Hill 5pm
3/14 J. Calvin – Tractor Wells Park 8pm
3/20 Forest Baily – Tractor Nob Hill 7pm
3/20 Jake Allen – Tractor Westside 7pm
3/21 John Underwood – Tractor Wells Park 8pm
3/21 Jana Pochop & Shawnee Kilgore – Tractor Nob Hill 7pm 3/28 Joe Holt – Tractor Nob Hill 7pm
3/29 The Rightly So – Tractor Nob Hill 5pm
3/30 The Casual Fridays – Tractor Wells Park 8pm