Tractor Brewing Brings Spirits to the Westside

Jeremy KinterBlog

Troubled Minds Distilling Circle Logo

Westside residents in Albuquerque will soon have a reason to celebrate. On the heels of opening their fifth taproom in Los Lunas, Tractor Brewing Company is bringing their spirits brand Troubled Minds Distilling to the Westside location. “Craft Distilling is on the rise in New Mexico, and we want more Albuquerque residents to be able to experience our cocktails and spirits” said David Hargis, co-owner of Tractor.

“A lot of time and research went into our distilling process and cocktail recipes, and we couldn’t be more excited to be able to reach new customers.” Formerly available only at Tractorʼs Wells Park taproom, West-siders will now be able to imbibe in batch cocktails made with craft whiskey, vodka, gin and a new house-made 100% agave spirit. “Iʼm really excited that not only have we brought the love of Tractorʼs beer and cider to the Westside, but now we are bringing the love of craft cocktails and Troubled Minds Distilling across the river for all of us West-siders to enjoy!” said Jon Lucero, General Manager of Tractorʼs Westside taproom.

In addition to a seasonal craft cocktail menu, customers will be able to purchase bottles of their preferred spirit to take home with them. “Spirits have been a long time coming for Tractor, and we know that customers will be able to taste the hard work and passion that went into each craft cocktail and bottle that we serve.” said David Hargis, seated next to a pillar of shining distilling equipment. To taste some Troubled Minds Distilling cocktails and spirits for yourself, head to Tractor Brewingʼs Westside taproom located at 5720 McMahon Blvd NW. Tractor also serves cocktails and spirits at their Wells Park taproom, located at 1800 4th St NW.