A Note to Our Guests

Jeremy KinterBlog

At Tractor we aim to be a safe space for our customers. Not only emotionally but of course in terms of health safety as well. We love our community and our patrons and that is why at this moment we have not cancelled any of our upcoming events, but of course are monitoring the situation day to day and will act accordingly. We will continue operations for as long as we feel that it is safe to do so for our customers and staff. We are enacting precautions not just with our employees, but by reducing capacity at our larger venue locations. We will still be hosting Drag Queen Bingo in support of Carrie Tingley Hospital Foundation this Friday at Wells Park, but have reduced capacity to a strict 75 people. We will also be keeping our weekend programming for all locations. In these trying times it is important to provide people with a sense of normalcy, and that is what we intend to do with keeping our events and doors open at this time. We have package at all locations and will gladly fill your growlers (after extra sanitizing) and sell you 4 packs if you would rather enjoy Tractor at home. Thank you all for your continued support and stay safe!