Cupids Crush Raspberry Wheat

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Indulge in the sweet embrace of love with our Cupid’s Crush Raspberry Wheat Beer. This enchanting brew blends the tartness of ripe raspberries with the smoothness of wheat, creating a symphony of flavor that will … Read More

All American Rejects Porter

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Introducing “The All American Reject Porter,” a beer that embodies the essence of 2000s emo bands. This jet-black elixir boasts brooding flavors that will transport you to the era of dark lyrics and emotional intensity. … Read More

Pumpkin Porter

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Introducing our Pumpkin Porter, a delightfully festive beer that captures the essence of the season. With each sip, be transported to a cozy autumn evening, where the aroma of freshly baked pumpkin pie mingles with … Read More

Be Kind Rewind Pale Ale

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Introducing the Be Kind Rewind Pale Ale! Life was simpler in the 80’s, so we simplified this recipe and hopped it using exclusively the Idaho 7 Hop. This brew explodes with hoppy nostalgia straight to … Read More

Munich Helles 9

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Munich Helles 9 beer icon

Munich Helles 9( named for the 9 bags of Pilsner Malt and 9 pounds of hops used in the recipe) is a smooth and refreshing lager brewed strictly with German malt for a crisp clean … Read More

Pistachio Cream Ale

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Pistachio Cream Ale Beer Icon

Inspired by the growing pistachio industry in Southern New Mexico; indulge in this nutty delight with our Pistachio Cream Ale. With a creamy smooth texture and subtle hint of roasted pistachios, this refreshing ale is … Read More

Hüll Melon Juicy Pale

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Dripping with melon and sweet fruit flavor, this juicy pale ale is equivalent to visiting your local fruit stand. This single hop version of our juicy pale ale recipe combines the tantalizing aroma of fresh … Read More

El Dorado Gold

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We would not have named this beer after the City of Gold if it wasn’t deserving of the name. Brewed with our base 2-Row Malt and additions of El Dorado and Wai’iti hops, this beer … Read More

Barrel Aged Turkey Drool

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Barrel Aged Turkey Drool Beer Icon

We took our seasonal fan favorite and winterized it, or just made it a whole lot better, by putting it in two of our Troubled Minds Whiskey barrels. This adds some sweet depth, to an … Read More