Raspberry Hard Seltzer

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Raspberry Hard Seltzer Icon

At just 135 calories and 6.5g total carbs, this invigorating seltzer hits you with wallop of fresh raspberry flavor and finishes with a crisp clean carbonation that is reminiscent of water splashing on your face. To … Read More

La Cumbre Elevated IPA

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La Cumbre Brewing Company

Orange and pine carry over from the aroma and saturate the flavor profile. Clean hops flavors, a kiss of caramel, and a nicely balanced bitterness make a beautiful impression on the palate. A drier IPA with fruit … Read More

Hazy Conditions IPA

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Hazy Conditions Beer Icon

Heavy additions of malted and naked oats create a hazy and full bodied beer which pairs well with a generous amount of delicious hops. Ripe peach, lemon zest and malty goodness all come together to … Read More

Black Lives Matter

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Hossanna in a garden

Many people think of the Fourth of July as America’s celebration of freedom, but for black people our Fourth of July is Juneteenth. On January 1st, 1863 President Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, but unfortunately … Read More

Monday Morning Coffee Porter

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Brewed in collaboration with the CNM Brewing program. This delicious coffee porter is sure to give you the caffeinated buzz to drink and study somewhat safely.

Alternate Reality Altbier

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This beer gives you the aroma of a Summer day and the taste of a Fall evening. This German style brew is fairly bitter but balanced with a smooth malty character from the decadent chocolate … Read More

Zappa IPA

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Zappa IPA beer icon

This beer is named for the Zappa hop, which is coincidentally named after Frank Zappa. American singer-songwriter, innovative rock guitarist, modernist composer, multi-instrumentalist, satirist, film-maker, and bandleader. The Zappa is a wild version of the … Read More

Godzilla Hazy IPA

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Godzilla IPA Beer Icon

We call this one Godzilla IPA because like the Saharan Sandstorm “Godzilla” it is kicking up some haze. Dry hopped with four different hop varieties, this Hazy India Pale Ale is like biting into a juicy … Read More

Bloody Helles

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Bloody Helles Icon

What in the Bloody Helles is this? Start with a great Helles Lager  and combine it with our famous Blood Orange Cider. and you get a perfect balance of sweet maltiness that subsides to a … Read More