Monday Morning Coffee Porter

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Brewed in collaboration with the CNM Brewing program. This delicious coffee porter is sure to give you the caffeinated buzz to drink and study somewhat safely.

Alternate Reality Altbier

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This beer gives you the aroma of a Summer day and the taste of a Fall evening. This German style brew is fairly bitter but balanced with a smooth malty character from the decadent chocolate … Read More

Zappa IPA

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Zappa IPA beer icon

This beer is named for the Zappa hop, which is coincidentally named after Frank Zappa. American singer-songwriter, innovative rock guitarist, modernist composer, multi-instrumentalist, satirist, film-maker, and bandleader. The Zappa is a wild version of the … Read More

Godzilla Hazy IPA

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Godzilla IPA Beer Icon

We call this one Godzilla IPA because like the Saharan Sandstorm “Godzilla” it is kicking up some haze. Dry hopped with four different hop varieties, this Hazy India Pale Ale is like biting into a juicy … Read More


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Dune DIPA beer icon

A brilliant and gifted Double IPA is born with the destiny of winning the NM IPA Challenge. That didn’t happen, but we think you’ll like it anyway! Our brewery staff scoured the most precious beer … Read More

Lawnmower Lemon Wheat

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Lawnmower Lemon Wheat Beer Icon

The perfect summer beer doesn’t exist …, just kidding it’s right here. This aromatic wheat ale, with notes of toasted wheat and freshly squeezed organic lemons, locally sourced and juiced by Verde, will definitely quench … Read More

Blueberry Berliner Weisse

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A truly refreshing beer that reminds you that the warmer days of Spring are ahead. Enticingly tart and fruity, this sour wheat beer is loaded with blueberry, enhancing its already irresistible charm. Light in body … Read More

Put The Pilsner On A Pedestal

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Pink Boots Society

A dry-hopped Pilsner brewed on International Women’s Day by the NM chapter of the Pink Boots Society using the 2023 hop blend. The aroma gives off unexpected berry notes that are well-complimented by a subtle … Read More

Watermelon Cider

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Watermelon Cider Icon

Welcome to the end summer! Your reward? This balanced, slightly sweet cider; made with crisp apples and organic ripe watermelon. This unique cider has a citrus punch that will drench your palate. Savor this summer-tide … Read More