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Dune DIPA beer icon

A brilliant and gifted Double IPA is born with the destiny of winning the NM IPA Challenge. That didn’t happen, but we think you’ll like it anyway! Our brewery staff scoured the most precious beer … Read More

Lawnmower Lemon Wheat

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Lawnmower Lemon Wheat Beer Icon

The perfect summer beer doesn’t exist …, just kidding it’s right here. This aromatic wheat ale, with notes of toasted wheat and freshly squeezed organic lemons, locally sourced and juiced by Verde, will definitely quench … Read More

Mashing Queen Juicy Pale Ale

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Pink Boots Society

Dance the night away with this Juicy Pale Ale! The New Mexico Pink Boots Society is proud to share our 9th Annual Collaboration beer, Mashing Queen, brewed at and by Boxing Brewing Company. It is … Read More

Watermelon Cider

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Watermelon Cider Icon

Welcome to the end summer! Your reward? This balanced, slightly sweet cider; made with crisp apples and organic ripe watermelon. This unique cider has a citrus punch that will drench your palate. Savor this summer-tide … Read More

Accessory Pale Ale

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To what do we owe the honor of having such a vibrant accomplice as Accessory Pale Ale. Brimming with bright citrus notes that are accented by components of stonefruit and flowers to decorate your palate … Read More

Prickly Pear Cider

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Prickly Pear Cider Icon

A seasonal cider created with NM Prickly Pear Co. The bold pink color is all natural from prickly pears grown and harvested in the Tijeras Canyon then juiced to perfection in the South Valley of … Read More

American Amber Ale

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Led by a single hop variety, this American Ale presents notes of pollen and citrus built upon a base of biscuit and bread. It’s the perfect rebuttal to the mild mannered beers of summer. Featuring … Read More

Pineapple IPA

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A traditional IPA with a tropical kick. It’s the best of both worlds: We take a traditional malty, high ABV, high bitterness IPA (We like your style Albuquerque) and blend it with the flavor of … Read More

Saddle Up Jefe

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In support of our Beer for a Better Burque non-profit New Mexico Horse Rescue at Walkin N Circles Ranch (WNCR) is the largest horse rescue in New Mexico. Founded in 2002, they rehabilitate and find … Read More

Chicharrón Red Lager

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Rich fruits, warm bread and a soft peppery spice blend beautifully in this porcine pint, without hurting a single swine!! This is a collaboration with Turtle Mountain Brewing.