Soap Making with Spent Grain

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Greetings! It is winter and when it is cold outside I tend to go on a craft kick! This week’s project: soap making with spent grain. I have tried cooking with spent grain and thus … Read More

Recall Notice

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Tractor Brewing Company has issued a recall on Delicious Red Hard Cider Batch numbers 64 and 68 which have “Best By” dates: “B64 Best by 2/12/17” and “B68 Best by 3/10/2017”. We apologize for the … Read More

Stout & Stormy Cocktail

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This variation on the classic Dark ‘n Stormy takes ginger beer and floats dark stout beer on top. The cocktail is both flavorful and refreshing, without being too strong and makes for a great alternative … Read More

Tractor’s Secret Menu

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We have a lot of seasonals. And we take pride in the fact that we can offer our customers a wide array of beers and styles. I can be overwhelming at times. So if you’re … Read More