Apple Honey Toddy Recipe

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hot toddy

As the evenings begin to get cooler, we here at Tractor decided to come up with a little way to keep yourselves toasty! This take on the classic Hot Toddy recipe will wrap you up … Read More

Brewed Bloody Mary Recipe

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Bloody Mary

Have you ever tried a Bloody Mary with beer instead of vodka? The hops of our Big Sipper IPA blend perfectly with the heat and tomato. Monday night football drink, perhaps?   Brewed Bloody Mary 1 … Read More

Strawberry Cider Cocktail Recipe

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strawberry cocktail smaller

This week’s cocktail recipe tastes like a long summer’s afternoon, even as ours get shorter. Let’s give summer one final send-off with this strawberry and lemon cocktail.   Strawberry Cider Cocktail 1.5 oz Broken Trail … Read More

Beer Margarita Recipe

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margarita again-1

Our beer margarita recipe comes just in time for the start of football season! This delicious blend is the perfect beverage for all your tailgating needs. Give it a try!   Beer Margarita 12 oz Can … Read More

Basil Mint Cider Cocktail Recipe

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Missing our popular Thai Basil Mint Cider? Even though it isn’t on tap currently, this cocktail will bring back fond memories of it. This mixed drink is crisp, refreshing, and so delicious that we dare … Read More

Maple Rum Cocktail Recipe

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bacon cocktail

This cocktail recipe signals the imminent end of summer. We’ve created a recipe that blends Tractor Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider and Broken Trail Distillery’s Horsethief rum, along with maple syrup, bacon and apples. If … Read More

Balsamic Lavender Cocktail Recipe

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Lavender Cocktail

We’re back this week with another delicious and unique summer cocktail recipe! Using the ever-popular Tractor Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider and Broken Trail Distillery’s Horsethief rum, this cocktail is smooth and sweet, just like … Read More

Apple Pie Cocktail Recipe

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apple pie cocktail

What’s more delicious than apple pie? This decadent and comforting blend of Tractor Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider and Broken Trail Distillery’s Horsethief rum will bring to mind a hot apple pie cooling in the window sill and the … Read More

Watermelon Mint Cocktail Recipe

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watermelon cocktail

I’m just not sure there’s anything that screams “summer” more than a nice, juicy watermelon. As we turn the corner into the last months of summer, this mixed drink will leave you longing for more. Watermelon … Read More

Strawberry Ginger Lemon Cocktail Recipe

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Strawberry, Ginger and Lemon. Could there be a more delicious combination? Using a healthy dose of Broken Trail Distillery’s Holy Ghost Vodka and Tractor’s Delicious Red Hard Apple Cider, this recipe is sure to be a crowd-pleaser! … Read More