Hunger At Home – New Mexicans in Need


Food Bank

Hey There Beer Farmers, We hope you are doing well. We here at Tractor Brewing, are doing really well. We are taking some time today, to use our platform, and the hard work of one … Read More

Singer Songwriter Competition – PART TWO!


Singer Songwriter Competition 2016

It all happened on a February night. We here on the Beer Farm were approached in late January, by the folks of Popejoy Hall, as they prepared for the staging of the amazing musical “Once.” … Read More

Easter Bunny, Bring Me a Beer!


Easter Candy

Yay for Easter! All of the candy goodness! Or not so much… I must say that most Easter candy is not super appealing to me. Sickeningly sweet and over-dyed packages of pure sugar designed to … Read More

Growing Community, As Usual


Wells Park Crowd

Come on down to Tractor Brewing Wells Park in March – March 20th, marks the 47th edition of I’LL Drink To That. March is Women in Creativity Month. The host of I’LL Drink To That, … Read More

Without It (WE) Are Alone…



Hey There Beer Farmers, Hope you are well out there in the world. While driving to work today, I, Carlos Contreras Tractor’s Good Times Liaison, was day dreaming about the world we live in. I … Read More